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A name and a noun.

The name: A terrifically handsome yet warmhearted individual, usually with great hair and awesome sense of humor. Because if the Tibor's gentle kindness many woman find him irresistable. This is because a Tibor is completely loyal and friendly and if he wants to be, a Tibor can be dead sexy.

noun: a simple way to describe a thing or object that you find a likeness in of enjoy being around.
Name: Woman: That Tibor is sooo nice! He is just the sweetest thing! I hope i can go out on another date with him soon!

Noun: That old teddy bear is a tibor! It just reminds me of my wonderful childhood when things get rough. It keeps me on my feet!
by Trollerface321 September 13, 2014
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Derived from the Simpsons. A tibor is someone in your office whom you blame when you have done something stupid, illegal, or immoral. Typically the person is someone who cannot defend themself. Especially effective when the Tibor cannot speak English.
You'll have to jiggle the handle. That idiot, Tibor, lost the key.
by TheTurkey March 31, 2005
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