Everyone alive has at least some harpos in them. Harpos can be used as a noun or an adjective to describe a person or object, but is almost always used in plural form. harpos is a close cousin of redneck and white trash. There are countless things that are harpos, but here are some examples of harpos in no particular order:
nascar, flannel shirts, american flag bandanas, roseanne the tv show, rolling a cigarette pack in you're sleeve, playing horseshoes, trash can bbq's, salsbury steak tv dinners, George W. Bush, cut-off jean shorts, oldsmobile, people who watch pro wrestling, louisiana, walker texas ranger, arby's roast beef sandwich is delicious, mississippi, cut up hot dogs with mac & cheese, cleaning driveway oil stains w/ old boxers, steel reserve, pabst blue ribbon, olde english, eating hot dogs/burgers with white bread, cowboy boots, alabama, anyone who has a mural painted on their van, truckers who take shits on the side of the road, blue collar comedy tour, gummo, farting and burping loud while pissing, hunting squirrel for food, wife beaters, chewing tobacco and spitting it in a 7up bottle, having a tire swing, chain smoking, foil antennas on your tv, moonshine, otterpops, store brand canned soup, camelflouge clothing, insane clown posse, couches in the front yard, getting in a knife fight with a family member, yucaipa, bakersfield, lynyrd skynard, missing front teeth, living in a trailer, overalls, straw hats, chewing straw, using a washboard to wash clothes or as a musical instrument, the dukes of hazzard, smoking a cigarette while pumping gas, alligator wrestling, taxidermy, the song dueling banjos, having a gun rack in your truck, anyone named cletus, saying worsh instead of wash, montster trucks, spam, people over 400 pounds, the song sweet home alabama, bug zappers, rat tails, billy ray cyrus, kid rock, getting a fly stuck in your beard, the confederate flag, the jerry springer show, walmart, kmart, big lots, cheeseburgerdogs from circle K, crystal meth, swimmin' holes, don't mess with texas bumper stickers, playing the banjo and harmonica, ted nugent, smoking weed with stems and seeds in it, git r done stickers, sportsmen for bush stickers, backyard wrestling, and last but not least, the ku klux klan.
"After I drank water out of my hose, I felt pretty harpos"
"Man, y'all r fuck'n harpos!"
"Quit being a fucking harpos and give me my money back"
"Damn Dustin, that haircut looks harpos"
"You smell like a harpos"
by roadskid July 4, 2006
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"I really like the group NSYNC. My favorite member is Harpo." - Master Tang.
by Richard Dean, Journalist April 29, 2004
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1. The way to say oprah backwards when you're with friends who are embarrassed to watch it.

2. a painful little pimple in your ear
1. i watched harpo last night in my room with the door closed because i didn't want my brother to hear me, he would have made fun of me so bad.

2. i went to go scratch my ear last night and i found this huge harpo, i thought i was going to die
by Courtdizzleeee April 16, 2008
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Oprah backwards.

Was used in the Dane Cook skit "Pedophiles" on his Rough Around the Edges CD.
"Oprah, it's fascinating. Harpo, she really entertains me."
by YUUUP January 27, 2008
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A cute critter that likes to sniff...
Your a Harpo because you sniff it!
by Night Wolf26 March 20, 2019
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Oprah is harpo, harpo is oprah.
by Blair January 15, 2005
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a wonderful, wonderful word that is used to describe someone or something that is below the both the fiscal and social poverty line. generally associated with people who are categorized as white trash or anyone associated with the nascar or the appalachian mountains. this is an incredibly abstract concept and is not solely limited to such a defn. it is constantly changing as social or economic norms and status quos are determined, it is also not limited to white trashyness but other socio-economic derogative language that is based on ethnicity.
dale earnhart, rusty wallace, jeff foxworthy, anyone who drinks moonshine and or steel reserves, mullets, farmer tans and or trucker tans, line dancing, confederate flags, strom thurman, porch sitting, coon hunting, pork rinds, wal-mart, k-mart, super k-mart, trailer parks, incest, montanas, joe webb, big and rich, malt liquor in general, popov vodka, the word "pop" when refering to soda-pop, the states of kentucky, west virginia, nebraska, north dakota, south dakota, montana, iowa, idaho, alabama, georgia, texas, or any other state that is the midwest or associated with the bible belt, jesus is also harpos.
by ian February 19, 2006
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