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Achieving fitness by working out most every day and watching what you eat. Inspired by lyrics from the song 'Hip to Be Square' by 1980s pop-rock group Huey Lewis & The News's 'Hip to Be Square'.
Mary: Tibor, you're looking fit these days, whats your secret?

Tibor: Thank you, its the 'Huey Lewis Workout' and I've lost 20lbs since the Bangles concert last August!
by Herbal Klimt December 06, 2009

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Sexual acts so powerful they cancel the screen saver mode on a computer at least one room over.
Mary: Did you hear us having sex last night?

Tibor: Hear you? You two knocked off the screen saver on my computer!

Mary: Screen saver sex for the win!
by Herbal Klimt March 18, 2011

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About an hour, but usually 15-30 minutes longer. Taken from the eyeglass retailers promise to have your glasses ready "in about an hour" which, in reality is often up to 90 minutes.
Mary told Tibor she'd meet him in a LensCrafter Hour when she saw how backed up traffic was on the road.
by Herbal Klimt May 22, 2010

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The act of inadvertently watching a commercial as part of a digitally recorded program.
Mary: Why are we watching this commercial instead of fast forwarding it?

Tibor: Tivo d'oh! I'll fast forward until we see Anderson Cooper again.
by Herbal Klimt December 27, 2009

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Personal disgrace felt when caught taking the elevator from the ground floor to any floor higher than the third.
Joe felt elevator shame when Mary and Tibor saw him push the button for the second floor.
by Herbal Klimt April 23, 2009

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Intersweat is the term for the beads of sweat that cover your skin during an internet outage for lack of said service..
Mary: Internet out?

Tibor: Yes - I'm covered in intersweat!
by Herbal Klimt April 16, 2011

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A FaceBook wall post or status update you regret and which causes personal embarrassment, disgrace, or mortification. A faux paux made on FaceBook.
Mary: Why did you put on your wall that you hated working with us all?

Tibor: My bad, thats was a FacePaux.
by Herbal Klimt July 22, 2010

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