probably the smartest man one could ever meet
by coach hall December 5, 2005
To ruin anything that could possibly be cool. To "nerd up"; to make awkward and tiresome.

hu-ber-iz-ing: The act of ruining anything that could possibly be cool.
1) If you have mentioned the word "parse" more than once during a conversation, the conversation is said to have been "huberized".

2) Joining a conversation you have entered too late to pick up on, and then asking all parties to start over, is to generally "huberize" the entire situation.

3) When a number is mentioned as part of a sentence in any context besides mathematics, remarking that the number is (or is not) prime will instantly "huberize" the conversation.

Sentence examples:
"Man, lunch really got huberized today."
"Everybody was having a good time until sombody went and huberized things."
by goounit May 15, 2006
A honky so big, a honky so round. I like to piss right on the ground. My balls are big my dick is bigger, get the f*ck away from me you gosh darned nig-
"Man, look at Huber run." Mike said
"I wish I was a Huber" Jessica said.
by Huber Balls September 28, 2022
to apply a symmetric, continuously differentiable, piecewise analytic transform which is quadratic near zero, but linear past some threshold, to a quantity, especially an error. To do so maintains smooth derivatives for optimization purposes, but is more robust against outliers than purely quadratic error norms;
'dude, I totally huberized that residual.'

by shabbychef February 14, 2009
Honey + UBER=HUBER or Husband+UBER=HUBER
I won't need carpool on Monday, I will get HUBER to drive me to Bay Area
by Kool Alpha October 19, 2019
(1) when someone who is clearly far cooler than you deigns themselves to actually say hello, you ignore them completely.

(2) similar to the schnide

(3) a sudden mental collapse (also known as snapping)
Blaesey: "Dude, I just saw Huber and tried to say hello and he totally dissed me!"

Corbett: "Wow, I can’t believe he pulled a Huber on you."
by Cal Ripken May 13, 2004
MEaning to be above competition and better than everyone else. To have no care for what your haters have to say.
Lil Wayne's Phone Home: Verse 3:
They don't make 'em like me no more
Matter fact, they never made it like me before
I'm rare like Mr. Clean with hair
No break lights on my car rear
I never hade life, and I never had fear
I rap like I done died and gone to heaven I swear
And yeah I'm a bear like black and white hair
So I'm polar
And they can't get on my system 'cause my system is the solar
I am so far from the outhers, I mean others
I could eat them for supper, get in my spaceship and huber
by ImitateTheBest February 5, 2009