1 a : the product of the derivative of a function of one variable by the increment of the independent variable b : a sum of products in which each product consists of a partial derivative of a given function of several variables multiplied by the corresponding increment and which contains as many products as there are independent variables in the function
2 : a difference between comparable individuals or classes <a price differential>; also : the amount of such a difference

1 a : of, relating to, or constituting a difference : DISTINGUISHING b : making a distinction between individuals or classes c : based on or resulting from a differential d : functioning or proceeding differently or at a different rate
2 : being, relating to, or involving a differential or differentiation
3 a : relating to quantitative differences b : producing effects by reason of quantitative differences
by Buffy69 June 2, 2004
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The work you say in place of 'difference' when you think you're smart.
"There is no Differentiation between the two"
by bobob1236 September 8, 2018
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A different way to say "think," based on the fact that differentiating is a key function of thinking.
Is the ability to differentiate—to tell things apart, to distinguish between things, to determine which thing is better, which thing is more important—the essence of intelligence and also of thought? the researcher asked himself. His cousin, a stand-up comedian, word inventor, and word artist quipped, "might dif-FOR-en-ti-ate' mean the ability to differentiate what a thing is used 'for.' And could "differentiate" surreally mean, something along the lines of she ate differently, different she ate?
by but for December 26, 2017
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What differentiated this start-up portal was a relationship with
by Alexander Zubatov March 17, 2007
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J: Wow she looks a lot like her sister.
Y: Yea it's hard to differentiate.

(difficult to see the difference)
by Rebanex March 5, 2008
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Used as a verb in a threatening tone, can be used to mean "fuck up," "kill," etc...
You fuckin' touch me again and I'll differentiate ya!
by Jason McAaron May 14, 2008
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