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A scoreless, hitless or winless streak. A team or player gets off the schnide when the streak is broken.
After starting the season 0-5, the Raiders got off the schnide with a win over the Cardinals.
by j-nine October 30, 2006
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The shrunken penis once one has emerged from a cold pool.
Timmy was unhappy when Jax said "I bet my schnide is as big as you are hard!"
by sammyg056 May 05, 2014
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A girl that lets you make sex on her with no feelings attached - emotions are often secretly involved, but only for 1 party (usually the shneided not the shneider)
Group - "Let's rage tonight boys, Guido finally got off the schnide!
Guido (at 3 am) - "Bro, the schnide is coming to scoop"
Zach - "God Bri is the archetype schnide"
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by Oakley G. August 30, 2016
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The lowest possible price a salesperson can offer; actual cost with minimal markup.
When buying jewelery

Salesperson: That ring is $4,500
Customer: C'mon now, gimme the schnide.
by Justin Shore April 24, 2007
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