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Hubbs is a person too cool for school. They're name is H-U-B-B-L-E not H-E-W-B-L-E. They also enjoy UPS guys and of course Brock Lee. They own a evil cat who occasionally they abuse. They do stupid stuff in Safeways and take pictures of it. A Hubbs will also use words such as hoodlum and knarscerklemnity (narselemity).
You can't make an example for Hubbs.
by natalieaja March 19, 2005
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Verb- To watch a pornography site, more specifically Porn Hub, for reasons of education, information, entertainment, or pleasure. Most notably the latter.
Example 1)

Shane: I talked to Miguel last night, and he told me that he has been on Porn Hub a lot lately.

Scott: Shut the front door!

Paul: What's wrong with that? I hubb before every meal of the day... and twice before bed.

Scott: Yea, but you can smash and wreck whenever you want. For you, it's by choice.

Shane: Yea, that's Miguel's only option. I personally can't blame the guy. It's the only way that his tiny, pathetic, herpe-infested dick can get any attention now-a-days

Paul: Ooohh, yea. Its one thing to have a baby needle chode dick, buts its another to have herpes.

Scott: Damn, Herpes is for life... Hubbin is the man's only option.

Example 2)

Shane: Hey Scott, can I use your laptop to do research for my paper?

Scott: Can't you use paul's? I'm on the Crew site now.

Shane: I would, but everytime I type in a letter for a web address, a different porn site pops up. Its that way for every letter, A-Z.

Scott: Damn, That kid Hubbs like it's his day job. Hubbin aint a fuckin joke
by Juke-Spook February 28, 2011
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Someone who keeps personal information about online people in a BlackMail folder on his computer.
Hubbs is a skank.
by ownt August 25, 2003
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A method of owning in UT with 500ms ping and 40% packet loss.
Dude did you just see that guy do a moving "hubbs" combo!!!!! LEET!
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
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