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Verb- To watch a pornography site, more specifically Porn Hub, for reasons of education, information, entertainment, or pleasure. Most notably the latter.
Example 1)

Shane: I talked to Miguel last night, and he told me that he has been on Porn Hub a lot lately.

Scott: Shut the front door!

Paul: What's wrong with that? I hubb before every meal of the day... and twice before bed.

Scott: Yea, but you can smash and wreck whenever you want. For you, it's by choice.

Shane: Yea, that's Miguel's only option. I personally can't blame the guy. It's the only way that his tiny, pathetic, herpe-infested dick can get any attention now-a-days

Paul: Ooohh, yea. Its one thing to have a baby needle chode dick, buts its another to have herpes.

Scott: Damn, Herpes is for life... Hubbin is the man's only option.

Example 2)

Shane: Hey Scott, can I use your laptop to do research for my paper?

Scott: Can't you use paul's? I'm on the Crew site now.

Shane: I would, but everytime I type in a letter for a web address, a different porn site pops up. Its that way for every letter, A-Z.

Scott: Damn, That kid Hubbs like it's his day job. Hubbin aint a fuckin joke
by Juke-Spook February 28, 2011
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Taken in the contest of the song Baby's Got Back by Sir-Mix-Alot he is referring to Florence Griffith Joyner a track athlete in the 1988 Olympics who defiantly fits all the other descriptions of what he likes in women mentioned in that song. Not some soda why on earth would you want to keep your women like a soda anyway?
You can have them bimbos,
I'll keep my women like Flo Jo
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Hubbs is a person too cool for school. They're name is H-U-B-B-L-E not H-E-W-B-L-E. They also enjoy UPS guys and of course Brock Lee. They own a evil cat who occasionally they abuse. They do stupid stuff in Safeways and take pictures of it. A Hubbs will also use words such as hoodlum and knarscerklemnity (narselemity).
You can't make an example for Hubbs.
by natalieaja March 19, 2005
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Someone who keeps personal information about online people in a BlackMail folder on his computer.
Hubbs is a skank.
by ownt August 25, 2003
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A method of owning in UT with 500ms ping and 40% packet loss.
Dude did you just see that guy do a moving "hubbs" combo!!!!! LEET!
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
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