An alternate form of way to say sandwich, also used by gir on the show invader zim
"Hi floor make me a samich!!"
by yaksmanofages September 7, 2007
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A sound that neanderthals used instead of the real word - "sandwich" - because of their inability to speak properly due to the underdevelopment of their cerebral cortexes. In modern day, the sound is still commonly used by beings of generally low intelligence that lack the ability to differentiate between clever wordplay and blatantly stupid trends.
"Ooh ooh, ah ah, Congo wan eat banana samich!"
by majamo August 10, 2007
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how a retard says 'sandwich'. this is not a word.
in a brilliant retard voice "today i gonna get a samich..then i go to walmart to mastahbate on the toasters."
by Lou Varone March 16, 2009
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not to be mistaken for sammich or sandwich a samich is the word understood by women for when her man wants a manwich
guy1: im hungry

Guy2: yea i could go for a manwich

Guy2: women come here

women: yes higher speices

Guy2: go fetch me and guy1 a samich now

women :yes straight away
by shifty1 August 25, 2010
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a sandwitch that has something added to it to make it even better.
add gravy to a roast beef sandwitch and it becomes a roast beef samich
by Logan S February 16, 2005
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