Abbreviation of Home Sweet Home. A term to express ones comfort at being in ones own domicile.
Finally! hsh! That was the longest day at work ever, I thought it would never end!
by Lord Alderaan April 9, 2009
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When you're im-ing, and make a typo while spelling 'haha'
Jenna: lol! thats so funny!! hshshshshshshhs

Kim: err..hehe
by GrammaGul May 7, 2009
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How a snake might laugh on the internet.
Jim: What's ekans backwards?

Garbage Jim: Snake Snake Snake!

Jim: Hshshshshs
by ChubbyChunkins September 9, 2011
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(adj.) A word used to describe something really cool.

(n.) An extremely sexy girl who surpasses the words hot and sexy.
(adj.) "Oh my god! That song is so hsh!

(n.) "That girl is so hsh."
by Wensaj Moric January 2, 2010
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A small corporation founded by Hunt, Steesh and Hunt who distribute drugs and other drug-related paraphernalia reens and cannabis are the most popularly distributed
"Them reens are the best, they're HSH reens"
"HSH skins are mint as fuck"
by Hunt December 2, 2003
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this stands for "He's so hot" LOL
broo hsh!!
by a&l anon November 29, 2021
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