8 definitions by Hunt

1.a charv
2.a person who does abnormal things
3.someone who stretches their own personal limits beyond their capability.
1."Fuckin stupid fuckin madheed"
2."What the fuck is Emma doin that for? The fuckin madheed."
2."No! Dont drink/smoke/take all of that! You’ll kill yourself! You madheed!”
by Hunt December 2, 2003
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A description of a spliff which is smoked on the sly when one shouldn't be smoking weed. Partially derived from a saying on "The Office". Word created by HSH
"Lets go for a Snaky at the side gates"
by Hunt December 2, 2003
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Form of pipe, made from a drink can.
Also see reen, HSH
"Make a rennage for dinner time Steesh"
by Hunt December 2, 2003
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"Reen" is a shortened version of Pipareni (Pie-pah-ree-nai) and is part of a newly emerging language created by recreational drug users similar to cockney rhyming slang but from the North East of England. Using this language, it is easy to talk about anything illegal and not let slip any details. A Pipareni is simply a pipe, through which various forms of cannabis are smoked. The term was originally created by HSH
"Ha'weh lads, wa gaan fo a reen"
"Aye, av got Stanger next n it's fuckin wank. Let wi' gaan fo a reen"
"Fuck it, have a reen"
by Hunt December 2, 2003
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A return to castle wolfenstein player that relies soley on the panzer to get kills. This can be combined with camping to achieve widespread frustration for the other team.
player: "omg f$#%n panzerwhore!"
panzerman: "lol rofl keke ^_^;;"
by Hunt September 3, 2003
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A small corporation founded by Hunt, Steesh and Hunt who distribute drugs and other drug-related paraphernalia reens and cannabis are the most popularly distributed
"Them reens are the best, they're HSH reens"
"HSH skins are mint as fuck"
by Hunt December 2, 2003
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Carved into big Hunt's dog-tags. Literally it is phonetic geordie for
"Would you like to go and smoke some illegal substances with a pipe?"
"Gaan fora" is how a geordie would phonetically spell "going for a" for the meaning of reen see reen
"gaan fora reen doug?"
"We've got Stanger next let wi gaan fora reen"
by Hunt December 2, 2003
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