When a girl deepthroats your dome and stays there for an extended period of time.
by db bitches December 19, 2011
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When a man inserts his penis in a woman's vagina before going to sleep and leaves it in there overnight.
I stayed in her so long last night that I have permanent domicility with her vagina.
by thestrategy March 10, 2010
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When you get in buddy’s head and throw him off your game or alter their train of thought
*Evan* shanks golf shot due to trash talk
Jake: I’m totally in your domicile
by JCohen175 June 25, 2019
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The place where a person's highest legal authority has a permanent residency. A man cannot be without a domicile, for he is not supposed to have abandoned his last domicil until he has acquired a new one. Though by the Roman law a man might abandon his domicil, and, until he acquired a. new one, he was without a domicile. By fixing his residence at two different places a man may have two domiciles at one and the same time; for example, The Holy Okie "Lord Bud" being only spiritually alive cannot be expected to change his permanent Oklahoma residency on his personal documents because it would be unlawful to do so. The living fleshy temple given to him by his Son Christ Bob has a Texas residency at the "Okie Embassy" used as the Headquarters for the "Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation." Even though Lord Bud was Birthed in Texas he has become a foreigner in his own society. He is from Texas but not of Texas for having retired permanently in Oklahoma he is permanently the Holy Okie. It is what it is and this is the truth. Lord Bud has every intention of haunting the Plantation forever with his Holy ghost.
Christ Bob: Because my spiritual public defender "Lord Bud" has a permanent residency in Oklahoma the "Oklahoma Blackberry Plantation" has become my Legal Domicile even when I am at the Plantation's headquarters in Warren City Texas. This holds it true that Both Texas and Oklahoma are in Unity under my one true living God's authority over me. United under God!
by Spiritual-Master January 27, 2022
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Domicile swap bro/s: noun. When you sleep at your bro's house with a girl while he's sleeping at your house with a girl whilst thine families art awayeth until morrow so that when families come home the bros can meet up next dawn to reminisce about yesternight, and hereby pound out the domicile swap brosness (respectable and luhgend ahdem) (is that a flashlight?) and then light up yet another jay that, can we play ping pong and eat them legend goafers (creative spelling item)(taaaaaaasty), will be smoked on the last drop of cherrydew to respectfully honor thine mighty Hyperion.

Act 2
Scene 1

After coming back from a bubbly water break sesh, Eliansel and Viclentodius returned to Elsingstone, (n.b.: no relation to the jamaican highland), whenceforth they seated for supper, served by none other than that hairy guy, who pronounced "and specials off the menu for tonight, food ahdem numba 1, food ahdem number 2, food ahdem number 3, and pasta a la pot, (n.b.: not to be confused with a francophone transposition of language), and proceeded to consume tons and tons of sheep shlong, (joast joaking).

Goafer intermission.
That was the example. I included the word domicile swap bro/s because I had to.
by trololovski October 2, 2011
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One cannot own a cat; one can only keep a cat in their domicile, hence they are the domiciler of the cat. This was actually written into the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia by Thomas Jefferson in 1776.
He was the domiciler of his pet Siamese cat.
by JSintheStates December 21, 2019
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