The sexiest man alive! The god of a man will give u the nailing of your life then make u waffles he will yell at you and make u horny well also making u feel like a queen he is dad and daddy
He is such a hotchner
Ik right!
Like the guy from criminal minds
by Gay_girl chicken whore❤ December 30, 2021
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FBI Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner is such a dilf.
by milknh January 24, 2021
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Hotchner's Disease is basically where you only smile like maybe 5 times in 5 yrs. Treatment - Have JJ show you her newborn son.
Guy #1: Dude i need to see JJ's kid again.
Guy #2: You got Hotchner's Disease again?
by Team Reid January 31, 2011
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girl 1: omg did you see that hot brunette, dad, unit chief, FBI agent?
girl 2: his name must be Aaron Hotchner!
by jordyn stilinski March 25, 2021
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The sister of the FBI agent that works in the BAU, but is totally cool. Elena's a baker, singer, dancer, and puncher if you piss her off. She often finds herself in strings of unfortunate events, like for example; pervert guy touches her while she's just trying to buy her caramel delight cookies. She makes good ass cakes though, call her up on your birthday. She is optimistic, and loyal, but that doesn't stop her from being a bitch at times.
Hm, I wish Elena Hotchner could bake me a cake
I heard Elena Hotchner punched a dude!
by askingformoney November 5, 2022
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Yo, did you watch the episode of Criminal Minds where Hailey Hotchner dies??
by hehHEHEheheHEEhehe March 9, 2022
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