Method of smoking hash where a blim is sandwiched between two red hot knives. The resulting smoke is collecting in a plastic bottle (which has had the bottom removed) and inhaled.
As a teenager I had many hot knives at Roudy's house.
by Dan Fox August 14, 2003
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A method of smoking hash, opium, or kief by heating butter knifes with a lighter and breathing in the smoke expelled off of the knife. When the drug is to fine or caramelized to smoke using traditional methods hot knifing is an accepted alternative although you typically wont have as effective inhalation as you only inhale the fumes rising off of the knife as opposed to an airtight seal when smoking a pipe or joint.
I dont have a piece, but we can hot knife it.

The kief is too fine for a pipe, lets hot knife it.

The hash is too gooey for my pipe, lets hot knife it.

My mom noticed the res on our butter knife from when we hot knifed that hash.
by Albert Dankinstien May 17, 2009
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a knife that has been soaked in water and comes out hot.. making it easier to cut butter
i used a hot knife to make the butter easier to cut
by sarah September 06, 2004
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In battlefield, it is the phrase used when a player stabs an opponent with a knife, and steals his dogtags, rendering the soldier dead and tagless. It is the utmost humiliation that one can render upon another player. The phrase should only be used when one of the many painful knife animations are played, and the dogtags of the opponent are taken. It should not be used on knife slice kills. Oftentimes, after this phrase is used, a teabagging proceeds it.

Legend has it that the phrase was coined by BilboTBagginU on the popular "violent industries" servers.
*Knifer knifes opponent*


Knifer: oh yea, EAT HOT KNIFE!

*Knifer proceeds to teabag opponent*
by teabag_prophet March 28, 2013
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When you conduct the act of intercourse whilst inside a hot tub.
That girl I took home from the bar last night was pretty upset when I have her the old hot knife.
by Bronsonisbomb April 08, 2016
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moving through a group of people with no resistance
"The jammer for the Putas del Fuego moved through the pack of rollergirls like a hot knife through butter" said the announcer ,Wundamike.
by Motorblade June 25, 2006
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