Audience?! W-what are you doing searching Toby Turner into Urban Dictionary, Audience?!

Toby Turner is a famous youtuber otherwise known as "Tobuscus." He has over a million subscribers and is known for his Literal Trailers and many other videos.

His personal channel, titled "Toby Turner" has a smaller following of about 300,000 subscribers. On said channel he makes a daily vlog off his Iphone, which last anywhere between 5-8 minutes. He will begin every video with "Audience?! W-what are you doing (insert verb and noun), Audience?!" followed by his infamous introduction of "darkness, redness and whiteness" where he pushes his finger on the lens of his Iphone. Every day Toby gives away a Tobuscus t-shirt, which is an inside joke that it is all he ever wears.

Toby is also famous for another channel he has called "TobyGames" where he uploads 10 minute videos of him playing a video game.

Toby and other youtube star iJustine were rumoured to be having a relationship but neither confirmed nor denied, until a few months ago the pair of them were never seen in one another's videos again, which still hasn't been addressed.

Toby is awesome.
Toby Turner quotes:

"Hey gurll, or guy Or... other."
"Bless your face."
"peace off."
"What'choo got?!"
by I Am Audience August 18, 2011
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Guy who has sex with many girls and has allegations of rape. He's the white version of Bill Cosby.
Girl you want a drink? I'm just gonna Toby Turner yo ass n u gonna have a fun time.
by ElizaTonberry April 22, 2016
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