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A gorgeous sorta country-ish singer who is currently VERY popular, especially among girls of all ages. Many call her talented, but...I kind of disagree. Her voice is sweet and pleasant but weak, her guitar playing is of the simplest caliber, and her songs are very very cliche, but kinda catchy. However, her hit single "You belong with me" I cannot STAND. It's overplayed and just obnoxious. "Oh, look at me, the girl my crush is dating wears high heels and short skirts, and I'm so much better and humble because I wear t-shirts and sneakers!! Oh, and she's a cheerleader so that automatically makes her a bitch! He should pay attention to me now because I'm less popular!" I'm sorry, I don't really even dislike Taylor Swift, I just can't STAND that song and i'ts message, like I said.

Me: Taylor Swift is alright. I mean, some of her songs are kinda catchy, but "you belong with me" just makes me cringe.
by The Mandon November 22, 2010

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Two kinds of hot girls:

Good hot girl: A very kind, classy, open girl with a sweet smile who treats everybody equally as she would wish to be treated. She has a flawless and pretty face with a slender, fit physique, and is generally quite popular around her school, church, town, and with boys. However, she does not put anyone down for their looks or interests, and she does not think of herself as any better than someone else because of her looks or popularity. Despite her great disposition, many people immediately assume she is narcissistic or slutty out of pure jealousy. Contrary to popular belief, girls like these are actually fairly common.

Bad hot girl: A downright mean, cruel, and hurtful female who uses her looks as an advantage to treat less fortunate (if you can call it that) people like shit, whilst fucking her so-called "boyfriend" every night. She struts around the school with her equally bad posse gossiping and spreading hurtful rumors about folks who don't fit her definition of cool. These ones should always be avoided.
Ex.1(good hot girl)Jamie-"Oh, great. Here comes Amanda. Look at her, she thinks she's so cool."

Amanda to Jamie-"Hi, Jamie! How are you??"

Jamie-(whispered) "Pssh. Skank."

Brandon-"You know, I talked to Amanda yesterday and she is genuinely really nice! She even helped me on my algebra quiz!"

Jamie-"Wow, really? Well, maybe I should get to know her."

Ex.2(Bad hot girl)Jack-"Oh, great. Here comes Princess Roxanne Royalty III. Wow, she won't even acknowledge anyone else. I guess we're just not cool enough for her."

Jessica-"Yeah, yesterday her and her friends threw a textbook at me and called me fat."
by The Mandon November 07, 2010

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An athlete is someone who is very physically active and participates in one or many more kinds of sports. Generally enthusiastic and kind people who respect all other folk's interests.

Not to be confused with the jock, which is someone who is generally very good at sports as well, but is a complete asshole who treats people who aren't quite as athletic like complete shit through name-calling and wedgies.
Ex. 1(Athlete) Tim-"What's up, man? I'm Tim. I like to play football. What about you?"

Bobby-"I like to play the guitar."

Tim-"Ah that's cool, bro! I wish I could play the guitar!"

Bobby-"Yeah, and I wish I could play football!"

Ex. 2 (jock) Randy-"Hey dude do you play any sports?"

Ted- "Nope. I like to draw and dance."

Randy-"Hahaha faggot, you'll never get any girls!!!"
by The Mandon November 07, 2010

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A short, but very talented little man who is the lead singer for the legendary hard rock band Tool. He has an incredible voice but thinks a bit too highly of himself, and pretty much thinks he and the band are more intelligent than anyone else. He basically thinks only he is the one who has the intelligent view on life. He really is intelligent, but he needs to chill out a bit.
Maynard James Keenan-I hate our fans. Every religion is false because I'm so intellectual. You're dumb because you have a different theory on the meaning of life than me. Everyone who lives in L.A. is a dipshit.
by The Mandon November 07, 2010

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A very successful pop artist with a pretty cool raspy voice. Considers herself a "rockstar" but I definitely wouldn't consider her music rock. It's pretty much just gritty pop. Also, she mostly thinks all girly girls are stupid, which is very wrong in my opinion. Her video for "Stupid Girl" shows this viewpoint. Basically, the message in her video is that if you're not a politician or a tomboy, and you like barbies, fashion, and spray tans, this automatically makes you a bimbo. Not cool. I don't really appreciate that message. However, her message about Paris Hilton, sex tapes, and anorexia and spot-on perfect.
Pink: I don't wanna be a stupid girl!!

Me: (facepalm) Wow.
by The Mandon November 11, 2010

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