30 definitions by Joe Blow

A dick that is 2 times the size wide as it is long
Man, I don't know what the hell that thing was, looked like a stumpy
by Joe Blow November 13, 2002
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wow your poetry could be good but its probably dumb
by Joe Blow June 18, 2004
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sound from liberals when their mouth moves
how can you tell when fat teddy k is lying? his lips are moving.
by Joe Blow March 12, 2005
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1. John Scabowzki
2. Smelly Polish Bastard
3. Are person at the slut who can't afford pitstick and wreaks of bo and immigant home cooking.
Stunkbomb presented the psp at work yes.
by Joe Blow December 6, 2004
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A moron who knows absolutely nothing about life or anything at all. Often dig their own grave and jump in as well as ruin other peoples lives and their own. Are basically an all round fucking dickhead.
Boy 1: Man, did you hear about that guy bitching about his ex's friend to his ex?
Boy 2: Yeah, what a fucking idiot!
by Joe Blow July 5, 2004
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Mythical creature. It's like a horse with a seat on its head.
"Every girl wants a unicorn for her 16th birthday."
"I'd say. Its ever better than a vibrator!"
by Joe Blow July 5, 2004
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To pull your Johnson out of a girls (or guys) ass and promptly shove it in her mouth.
While I was jackhammering her ass I decided to give her a dirty Pablo, I so pulled pole out and shoved it in her mouth! She loved it!
by Joe Blow February 11, 2005
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