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A moron who knows absolutely nothing about life or anything at all. Often dig their own grave and jump in as well as ruin other peoples lives and their own. Are basically an all round fucking dickhead.
Boy 1: Man, did you hear about that guy bitching about his ex's friend to his ex?
Boy 2: Yeah, what a fucking idiot!
by Joe Blow July 05, 2004

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Pipi means in french piss.
Putain! Mais t'as fait pipi!
by Joe Blow August 26, 2003

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A person who has a very sexual nature or is of sexual character most of the time. Usually are dirty minded and have a high sex drive. Can also refer to a very attractive man or woman.
Woah.. that woman is one sexual being.. did you see the way she was walking?

Astrid is one sexual being.. bloody awesome in bed!
by Joe Blow July 05, 2004

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Medium quality marijuana. A step above schwag, but a step below kine bud. Usually has a lime green color and good smell to it, but also has a few seeds and stems. Perfect for rolling in joints, blunts, etc.
Hey man, did you get some KB? No, but I got some pretty good mid grade
by Joe Blow November 21, 2003

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A dick that is 2 times the size wide as it is long
Man, I don't know what the hell that thing was, looked like a stumpy
by joe blow November 12, 2002

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used to express the unlikelyhood of something happening.
person: would you pop to the stores and get some milk?
james: Shiiit!

person:do you think you've got a chance with that girl?
James: Shiiit!

James: I really like doing this newspaper...shiiit!
by Joe Blow November 25, 2004

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Assless chaps.Worn with nothing underneath. Origin from "Son Inlaw" with Pauly Shore
Do not have an example
by joe blow March 18, 2005

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