John: Bob is really handsome isn't he? Is he single?
Bill: John...Bill is a SWM.
John: Oh.
by BoBurnham March 12, 2017
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It stands for “Stay with me”.
Him: Please, SWM (stay with me)
Her: I’m sorry, I have to go
by mrwl October 9, 2021
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When creating my POF profile, I like to use the term "SWM" to let the ladies know I'm a Sexy White Man.
by PNPinDallas September 18, 2015
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"Snape's Worst Memory", the name of the 28th chapter in Order of the Phoenix.
Person 1: Do you think Snape's a redeemable character?

Person 2: Honestly, after reading SWM, I don't know anymore...I'm so confused...
by Zucchini_Hearts January 10, 2021
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short-term, ghetto saying for 'skankers watch me'
oftenly used before a skank has begun, to inform fellow skankers that you are about to start skanking.

search: skanking
skanking don #1: 'swm!'
skanking don #2: 'yes bruuuv, bust a snake!'
by partyallnight1234 October 6, 2010
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