A dead by daylight (dbd) term, typically in xbox group posts, that means "survive with friends"
*xbox group post* "Grinding BP swf/customs l8r"
by ToastyErin November 28, 2021
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Acronym standing for Single White Female, an abbreviation often used in personal ads
SWF, age 43, looking for long walks on the beach and a place for my 73 cats to live.
by Brian February 17, 2004
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A format used by Macromedia, of a compiled Flash Document
Did you save ynet.swf yet? If not, exit out, I'll finish later.
by BriaN! April 9, 2004
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Sovereign Wealth Funds, governmental or quasi-governmental investment funds such as Singapore's TEMASEK or Abu Dhabi's ADIA.

First few times I saw the acronym, I was definitely confused: who were all these single white females giving billions to brain-damaged US banks? And, more importantly, what were their phone numbers? Damn was I disappointed when I figured it out . . .
Abu Dhabi's SWF just put up another billion of C convertible preferred.
by goyische shitheel January 31, 2008
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acronym stands for Single White Female. is also used to refer to a girl who develops an obsession with another girl (whether out of jealousy or crush) and begins to act like her, either knowingly or unknowingly. sometimes referred to as stalking, but more of a thin line between love and hate.

can be used as a verb as well.
"wow, she found your livejournal and started quoting it as her own words in her blog? she totally SWF'ed you!"
by Anya05 July 4, 2006
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Friend: What do you think of the new flat mate?

You: Oh yeah, SWF!
by Neava September 2, 2007
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Pronounced "Swif"

meaning Snobby White Female
"Your client is here for your next appointment. She's a SWF."
by the Sexy Russian Stylist October 5, 2011
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