A Stryder is a wonderful person who's naturally sweet and loving. Stryder's are amazing friends and even better boyfriends, Stryder's are rare and hard to find, if you do find one hold on to him and keep him close. Stryder's make the entire world better.
Stryders and marys are perfect matches, practically soul mates.
by MRoo August 26, 2010
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Me. I am Stryder... That is my name
Retard: hey Stryder.
Stryder: Shut up retard
by Probably Not Stryder February 21, 2022
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The moisture between your legs that accumalates after you go for a walk or run.
i need to wipe this thick stryder off, its all slimy.
by John_95 September 24, 2005
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Tinchy Stryder (real name Kwasi Danquah) is a British grime music artist of Ghanian origin, Stryder hails from Bow in East London and attended St Bonaventure's Catholic Comprehensive School in Forest Gate. Tinchy Stryder had his first UK number one in the Singles Chart with the aptly named song "Number 1", (a collaboration with N-Dubz) that charted on 26 April 2009.

2006-2008: Star in the Hood

In 2006, Stryder signed to independent label Takeover Entertainment. He also released two solo mixtapes, I’m Back U Know and Lost and Found, and joined Ruff Sqwad to make Guns & Roses 2. Stryder's debut album Star In the Hood was released on 13 August 2007 on Takeover Entertainment. A single "Breakaway" was released from the album, as was "Something About Your Smile"featuring Mainstream Money as a bonus track. He also released an EP named Cloud 9 on the 21st April 2008, from which the songs "Sorry, U Are?" featuring Chipmunk, "Sick in the Head", "16 Writers" and "Thump" have all received heavy airplay and rotation on grime shows such as Logan Sama's Kiss 100 grime show. He then released two further singles which do not feature on the EP, titled "Breathe", and most recently, "Stryderman" (UK Singles Chart #73). One of the other tracks off his debut album called "Follow" was featured in the movie by Noel Clarke, Adulthood.

2008-2009: Catch 22

On September 11 2008, it was revealed that Stryder will be featured on Craig David's new single "Where's Your Love" and released on November 10, 2008. He also appears on the track "Princes" from the album Saint Dymphna by Gang Gang Dance. His next single, called "Take Me Back", featuring Taio Cruz, (released on January 19, 2009) was a popular hit following numerous plays on Radio 1, Kiss FM and many other TV and radio stations. On January 18, the song entered the official UK Singles Charts at 39 on downloads alone,one day before its official release. The following week the single moved up 36 places to peak at number 3.

On 26 April, 2009, Stryder's next single, a collaboration with N-Dubz (whom he had toured with on their recent Uncle B tour), titled "Number 1" topped the UK Singles Chart giving Stryder and N-Dubz their first number one single. In an interview with Tim Westwood, Tinchy stated that due to the success of "Number 1" not going away yet, he had to push the album and a few things back to August 2009. Tinchy's third single from Catch 22, titled "Never Leave You", featuring Amelle Berrabah of the Sugababes, is due to be released on August 3rd 2009 with the album following on August 17th.
'Number One - Tinchy Stryder Ft. Dappy'
'Never Leave you - Tinchy Stryder Ft. Amelle'
'Take Me Back - Tinchy Stryder Ft. Taio Cruz'
by absolutebeginners July 4, 2009
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A human looking creature un able to die, and walk between life and death

Experiencing every little thing in the world at once. No one knows it exists and no one can see it.
The death stryder has no identity.

Some may see it as an angel or as hellish creature but really it is just a lost being with no creator that will protect the human race for its whole time it is here with us.
by Yeetdog2000 October 13, 2018
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when you cream pie a hoe then drop kick her in the face which breaks all of her teeth and u leave her all gummy without any teeth.
Person A: Bro I just did a dirty stryder last night
Person B: Congrats
by yomommathic June 19, 2020
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Also known as “The Big Stryder”, is the best fucking player at every jocter
by Jocter May 18, 2023
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