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A woman who typically might wear black stockings or pantyhose with a short skirt hiked up to 'bejezus' in a club/bar environment with a specific intention on her part of enducing a multiple of male "stiffies" as a result thereof.
That Laurie Curtis is a real hose monster . . . or at least she used to be back in her prime.
by Veteran Observer July 19, 2006
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a ho, whore, or a real easy girl to have sex with
jody is such a hosemonster, she did me and jay last night.
by mitchell paul February 21, 2004
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1. A woman who seeks out well endowed men. 2. A woman who is just plain old slutty.
Jennifer is such a hose monster, she slept with three different guys last week!
by gollen October 15, 2003
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A (preferably) Woman who cannot get enough COCK in her mouth....
That beyotch was a total HOSE MONSTER.... Damn near sucked a ball outta my sack.......
by Harry Ballzannya June 18, 2005
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A mildly attractive and insecure male or female who aggressively sucks penis in order to maintain sexual and social relationships. Hose monsters suck dick because they feel as if they have to, and becoming a hose monster is typically a result of sexual abuse during adolescence.

Source: Richard Hatless, Portland, OR
Hey man, do you remember your old girl from college? She wasn't that great looking, but couldn't get enough semen! Sure is nice to have a hose monster around every now and then. Once, that hose monster sucked me off 3 times in the same day dude. Shit bro, sorry I never told you.....
by Richard Hatless June 12, 2008
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a promiscuous woman who is dangerous to date long-term or marry because she has extreme emotional baggage and a first-class attitude.
Men, beware of these hose monsters who look pretty now because you'll regret it later when you marry her.
by Chris Norton January 08, 2007
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A well-endowed man with an ample amount of sexual prowess.
Dan banged seven different girls in one night. What a hose monster!
by perf August 27, 2003
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