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A town in upstate New York, formed in 1835 as a giant middle finger to the neighboring city of Elmira; as emphasized by the town motto: "Fuck you, Elmira"
I moved to Horseheads becaused I was tired of getting robbed at gunpoint.
by jk_bro December 26, 2010
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A town where the high schooler's want to get out so bad and then when they do, they want to come back. The town is not as bad as everything puts it out to be. Horseheads has some of the most musically talented people in the area. The sports are decent. Just depends on which sport you do. They call it " Whoresheads" because some of the girls do put themselves out there but not every girl does. There is almost no crime rate what so ever. The town is always there for everyone. Hated by other schools for being the "Rich" school when in the winter time it's below 0 in the classrooms, because they can't afford fricken heat. You'll meet some of the best people in the world in this little town and friends that will last a life time. They throw the best parties and the people are the most fun to hang out with. Horseheads really is the place to grow up and grow old with someone in.
I heard some kids in Horseheads are throwing a party tonight! It's about to be a banger.
by Yankees1993 January 02, 2012
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well a town who originally got its name for cutting the heads off of horses, but now it takes on a new name, whores-heads....well you will notice most girls in this town are willing to put out and will do it for anyone. I mean if you live in elmira you just go for some fun right down the road to horseheads and get some.
horseheads' girls really put out, certainly those cheerleaders.
by Homer22k33 June 22, 2006
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An "IV" drug addict under the influence of heroin in a euphoric state nodding in and out of a state consciousness, like a horse rearing his head.
The dude in the donut shop is obviously on a run. He's doing the horsehead display the whole time I've been here. I should know I have been there myself, sad...
by EHofHB August 14, 2009
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Someone that wears hairweave.
A chick always wear hairweave, but wanna get mad if she gets called a horsehead.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 23, 2004
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A person, usually female, who has a miserable expression i.e. a long face.
LF was fed up with seeing Lucy's horsehead.
by Lucretia March 20, 2005
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a girl whose hair luks like the ass of a horse
not the beautiful silky tail, the ugly bushy hairy crap part
Girl 1: i luk a hot mess today like yovani dont i
Girl 2: yeah, but at least u dont luk as bad as that horsehead yovani. u'd have to roll around in a pile of cow shit before u luk as bad as her
by supastahh56 April 12, 2008
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