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"straight servin your ass heat" S.C Cartel
serving heat in the streets with mah lil deuce deuce, pop pop
by Swoopa March 1, 2009
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while dickin' a female down, that's what you can hold or make bounce real fast : a piece of breast or ass.
we like them not too fat and not skinny at all, just wit that lil surplus, you know.
by Swoopa April 23, 2009
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same as three wheel motion.
act of riding on 3 wheels in a low-low when you hit a corner and then your ride dipping on one side with the opposite wheel in the air.
by Swoopa January 25, 2009
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adj. murdered (more than "dead" in fact)
it compares a rotting body with out of date and expired food as adding past participle -ed to the word "day".
"when sumthin happen in south central LA, nuttin happen, it's just another nigga dayed"

by Swoopa March 27, 2009
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say allelujah if you get by mo'fukka cuz i'ma bussacap
by Swoopa March 2, 2009
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short for crenshaw blvd, where all the riders slide
ridin' down the 'shaw
by Swoopa March 4, 2009
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1. when you warn someone who tries to diss you to step back before you get nasty

2. in the past, back in the days
1. back down 'fore I cap you ass fool !

2. what about being a mack, i mean, back down ?
by Swoopa February 27, 2009
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