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"Alive On Arrival"
contrary to DOA
when you are safe and sound just after someone tried to bump you off
when you survive, get by
gotta thank God, A.O.A ma'fukkas !!!

by Swoopa February 26, 2009
1. where you hide your strap into your car

2. where you hide your strap and your dope in your house
1. got the deuce deuce in da stash spot when im rollin in my regal

2. theyll never found it out
by Swoopa May 4, 2009
if you roll on hydros, seems like it makes your car rise into the air when you start it up and when you drive it you can hit one of the 4 switches then make your roll bounce from side to side, front to back or make it pancake
"fo hoppin, ass droppin" Ice Cube
by Swoopa March 1, 2009
v. to smoke some of that indo in order to spend a good time
damn i remember way back when we used to say : "let's hit the indo baaaby!"
by Swoopa March 26, 2009
when you used to roll up and down crenshaw blvd, where you can see the most flippin lo-lo's and fancy cars passing by
if you dwell in compton, watts and especially south central areas, you like to roll your shit down the 'shaw, never stop flossn and flexn, uz a shaw rider just like any teen here who owns a ride
by Swoopa March 4, 2009
"straight servin your ass heat" S.C Cartel
serving heat in the streets with mah lil deuce deuce, pop pop
by Swoopa March 1, 2009
1. sack full of weed
2. someone weeded to the fullest, addicted to this shit, totally blunted from dawn to dusk
"i'll bring the bag of weed" Nate Dogg
by Swoopa March 2, 2009