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Sweet sunny city situated in southern France.

One of the most attractive city in France and in Europe including a very nice weather, a welcoming people, one of the world's most important harbor, an imposing catholic church on a hill, several beautiful beaches and an important soccer's stadium...
Most inhabitants have mediterranean background : french, italian, corsican, spanish, north african... A lot of mixed people live there and there is also an important black community.
Downtown Marseille is quite poor but the dangerous neighborhoods are situated on the northside of the town while the rich areas are located nearby the beaches on the southside.

Some french people don't think Marseille is really situated in France because a strange and singing french is spoken over there and there has never been any riot while all the french ghettos often burn.

Marseille is also known for its high crime rate and famous for being the heroin traffic hub from the 30's to the early 70's when local corsican gangsters have formed an alliance with the sicilian mafia and italo-american mobtsers.
feels good to dwell in cali but i wanna come back to marseille for a while

ppl here will never play or talk about soccer 24-7 like they do in marseille

we got these malt likkas, they own that "pastis" in marseille, just check it out and taste it
by Swoopa March 11, 2009

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something to twist and to puff on. a joint.
see also buddah
i smell the sweet flavor of the budd in here !
by Swoopa March 02, 2009

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1. when you warn someone who tries to diss you to step back before you get nasty

2. in the past, back in the days
1. back down 'fore I cap you ass fool !

2. what about being a mack, i mean, back down ?
by Swoopa February 27, 2009

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same as three wheel motion.
act of riding on 3 wheels in a low-low when you hit a corner and then your ride dipping on one side with the opposite wheel in the air.
3 wheelin' at the intersection !
by Swoopa January 25, 2009

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verb. To take a shower.
Time to hit the shower and get gangsta'd up from the feet up cuz i'm gonna party tonite.
by Swoopa January 23, 2009

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to twist a budd
leno is from the spanish word leño that means wood log and stands here as a slang for buddah
spark a leno when we ride
by Swoopa March 02, 2009

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"Alive On Arrival"
contrary to DOA
when you are safe and sound just after someone tried to bump you off
when you survive, get by
gotta thank God, A.O.A ma'fukkas !!!

by Swoopa February 26, 2009

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