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A combination of two separate ways of leaving. A combination of "Let's roll." and "Let's bounce." When one just simply isn't enough.
"Hey bro, this party is super lame. Let's peace."

"Yo, fo sho. I'ma roll bounce right outta here."
by Langille November 30, 2008
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1) To run really fast in a 5K
2) To roll real hard to the point where you are also bouncing.
Yo bro diggity I'm rollbouncin!

Man, I thought I was going to lose that 5K, but I really managed to rollbounce beyond my wildest dreams. In the 5K.

Dude, my bro and I rollbounced so hard last night that we ended up in Wafflehouse.

Man 1 - Yo dude were gonna roll hard tonight.
Man 2 - Nah dude. Were gonna rollbounce.
Man 1 - Fuck yea.
by Mongrelface McG April 22, 2010
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