(n) a hallucinogenic mushroom found in cow fields of the southeastern United States.
"Be careful to not get shot while picking hooties."
by Max Barshled November 8, 2007
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Check out that librarian! What a hootie!

These glasses make me look like such a hootie.
by ParchÞeSkald October 2, 2014
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Pass that hootie over here dude!
by Doshi September 6, 2006
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Sweetheart, girl- or boyfriend, someone you're dating or stuck on.
Who's yer hootie?
by Jay Young January 15, 2004
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a person who gets intoxicated, whether intentionally or not
They had pale beer, and they put alcohol in the bottom. It was hot in the summer, and it was so cold you could see the frost on the outside of the container…It tasted so good and cold, I said wow. They said, 'man, you ready for another,' and I replied, 'yeah.' After about the third one they said when you going to blow. I said I was ready, but when I tried to get up I couldn't get out of the seat. They said, 'man, this cat come up here and got hootied.' So from then on the cats started calling me Hootie."
- Frank Driggs and Chuck Haddix, from "Kansas City Jazz: From Ragtime to Bebop -- A History"

by JakeSF December 23, 2005
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