The act of pressing ones lips against a transparent surface, typically a glass window, to form a seal and then breathing out to expand the cheeks.

Generally the intention is to disgust or taunt anyone that may be on the other side of the window. Although slightly less offensive, the action is performed in much the same manner as to chuck a browneye.
"Quick, Sally's in her car, do a blowfish on her window!"

"Haha, blowfish!"
by Heath Raftery November 28, 2007
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blowfish one who talks out their ass excessively always spewing nonsense constantly in quite an irritating manner
my old neighbor is a blowfish he always talks out his ass spewing useless nonsense constantly in an irritating manner
by blueskypanda March 7, 2021
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When you get a girl to lick your asshole and you fart in her mouth her cheeks puff out like a blowfish.
She was going for the bunghole so I shot her a big blowfish.
by Freebird September 17, 2003
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Getting a blow job while in a hot tub, or any other form of water. To be defined as a blowfish, the girl's head must be completely submurged under water, except to come up for air of course.
Girl: Wow this hot tub is nice.
Blowee: Yeah it is, have you ever given a blowfish?
Girl: No, what's that?
Blowee: I'll show you, here's a snorkle.
by sharkface August 4, 2009
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when you have had a copious amount of sex and your bits get sore, puffy and smell of fish.
We were at it all night and now I have a serious case of blowfish.
by Jules July 19, 2004
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When someone puts their penis inside of another's throat and proceeds to squeeze/expand the penis head thus filling up the other's throat.
Dude I just blowfished this chick and she couldn't breathe
by icaforp April 3, 2021
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