Tracy Grimshaw: The public has been outraged over (some infamous baddie) being left in peace.
Cue shitty footage of some male reporter harassing baddie at their place of residence.

Tracy Grimshaw: There's been some new evidence that suggests cats prefer the colour red.
"Expert" (flipping pages): Uh well we've been seeing a lot of new evidence that cats like red.
Random cat lady: "My old Mittens loves red things."
Street random: "Yeah I like cats."

Tracy Grimshaw: Next week on A Current Affair...
by PomiWells February 16, 2012
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(or ACA) A current affair show (a bit like Today Tonight) shown on Channel 9 in Australia. Hosted by Tracy Grimshaw (the one that Gordon Ramsay called an old ugly pig).
A Current Affair is just like Today Tonight, sensationalist pigs!
by parafieldgardens4eva August 24, 2010
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A show that was Maury when he freight-trained as it covered hard news, scandals and the shit from tabloids. It's the forerunner for the wordpress blog of the writer behind The Fandom Writer where he combined candid life with CBS News style reporting as his second incarnation of the blog the entries became more in depth. The show was the forerunner to Nancy Grace before she reported on vodka mom. The show started with Maury in the mid-1980s to 1990 then seen other hosts take the reigns in the 1990s. Geraldo Rivera didn't stray from his freight-training roots when he did his talk show but joined Fox News Channel he was coined disaster porn by gossip bloggers. The Cabbie Homicide writer took aim at Anderson Cooper when he was picking on fellow Glendale Heights resident, William Patrick Corgan. The tag #globalistshill was born.
Before Maury was addressing baby momma drama and lie detector tests, he was doing a show that freight-trained as he did hard news with A Current Affair. Noted for the hard 'ka-chung" and zoom sequence. When you have celebrities pissed at the pink blog drawing on your fucking mugshots in lewd ways, be more worried when a light blue blog turned light grey does a piece on you because he's indepth and busts the race liar.
by illinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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