a sweater with a hood. can have a zipper or a large pocket on the front. The ones without zippers are better because you can keep bigger things or more things in them.
by Adept April 02, 2005
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A nickname for fans of the DC Comics hero, the Red Hood aka Jason Todd.
The Hoodies are all lined up to pick up the latest issue of Red Hood And TThe Outlaws.
by Red Hood & The Outlaws February 19, 2012
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a real cool article of clothing that is a sweatshirt with a hood on the back.It has a large pocket on the stomach could but is not limited to holding: Candy,pop,food,drugs,etc.
I own so many hoodies I've lost count
by lazyassloser April 27, 2004
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Anything that you want it to be so that your friends get mad when you talk about it, or to use it in code in front of parents etc.
Example 1:
Charlie Sheen: Hey have you seen my bag of hoodie? I really need it!!
Jay Leno: No Charlie I haven't. You should lay off of the hoodie for a little while.

Example 2:
Brody Jenner: DAMN! Spencer did you see that girl?? Man I wanna hoodie so bad!
Spencer Prat: No im married.. but HELL YEAH! I would hoodie that all day every day!
by CaliBoySwag June 22, 2011
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