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The name given to the mysterious individual once every decade who is intrinsically involved in the plot for world domination. This person has been known to ally themselves with assassin penguins and their trainers. Commonly referred to as botanist, waffle, or v. Has been sighted wandering the streets dressed as Paris Hilton
Damn, that girl's so crazy, bet she's secretly a vianka
by theonceandfutureantichrist February 02, 2010
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She's the one you will never forget, she's unique, funny, loving and always memorable, she has something about her that will make you love her forever…. She will always be the one that got away because she's such a free spirit and will always move on. You can't help but think about her. She has the biggest heart and will always be beautiful inside and out. There is just something about her smile and her big brown eyes that will always remain in my heart. She is very spontaneous and loves to kiss.
Who is that?
I don’t know but she looks like a Vianka
Man, I need me one of those
by Susie Lancaster July 16, 2018
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