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Short for hooded sweatshirt. Hoodies without zippers are generally preferred. Hoodies are really more than just a type of sweatshirt, they are practical and functional yet comfortable article of clothing. If there is no zipper, many things may be stored in the front pocket, things such as candy, your hands, a small gun, drugs, pens and pencils, bottles, etc. Another reason they are great is you can't be discriminated on for wearing one, since hoodies can be worn by any age, sex or race, therefore preventing the occasional "Do you think you are (insert race that you do not belong to) wearing that?!?!?!" or "You are such a ( insert opposite gender here)!!!" Unless of course you are wearing a FUBU hoodie if you are white or a Tommy Hilfiger or Abercrombie hoodie if you are black. In my opinion everyone should own at least two hoodies. If you do not have a hoodie, get one, if you do, then get another one.
I own 6 hoodies, An American Eagle one, a South Pole one, A Rochester Red Wings one, a Reebok one, an Old Navy one, and a JNCO one, and I always wear one of them everyday.
by One Confused African American February 25, 2005

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