a completely new reference for modern English, covering the essential vocabulary of everyday life.
the oodee was essential during our last trip to the colonies!
by ooooooooooo dee May 25, 2001
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Someone who overdoes, overdoses, or overexagerates something.Refering to the term overdose
That chick must have weight like 1,000 lb.

Na das oodee bout 500 lbs.
by MiiZZ EXLCUSiiVE August 22, 2006
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A word meaning a colossal, massive and very tight bear hug. Originates in Alberton, South Africa.
Give me an oodee. Come get an oodee. I oodee you anyway.
by Luigi March 20, 2005
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n. A person who contributes enough definitions to the Urban Dictionary to rank in the "Top-10 Most Frequent Contributors" list.
Please Santa, I wannabe an Oodee Master.
by D'emon March 20, 2003
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n. One who desires to be worthy of being recognized as an associate of the Urban Dictionary.
I am an oodee-wannabe so get your funk 'n wagnels outta my face!
by D'emon March 20, 2003
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