9 definitions by Short penis

Me:my dick is small, are you sure you want to suck it?
Imaginary girlfriend: no not anymore
by Short penis February 18, 2020
When you slap honey all over your cock then let bees give you the blowjob, because you’re too isolated to get a real girlfriend
Person 1: what did you do over the weekend
Person 2: i had some honeysuckle

Person 1: nice
by Short penis October 18, 2019
When you try so hard to shit during constipation that you fucking rip one as you’re shitting
I shitfarted because of the amount of bread i ate
by Short penis October 18, 2019
When one plays the joke of who’s joe? on you henceforth furthering your embarrassment
Teacher: who broke my fucking monitor
Kid: it was joe
Teacher: joe who
Kid:joe mama
by Short penis October 19, 2019
When someone mixes the words: dipshit and asshole into one
Person1: i bet you jack off in the locker room
Person2:take a look in the fuckin’ mirror dipass
by Short penis February 28, 2020
A game made by the company epic games and is played by tards and virgins around the globe, one of the most popular content creators on fortnite is tyler blevins AKA Ninja AKA "THE FUCK YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT?"
Kevin still plays fortnite? Oh goddamnit.
by Short penis October 20, 2019
A sex position involving a male/ female or faggot/faggot in which the partners are opposite and both performing oral on the vagina/ penis
by Short penis October 19, 2019