Heroes of Newerth (HoN)

A relatively new PC video game by S2 Games.
Released on May 12th 2010.
It is inspired by the custom map for Warcraft III known as
Defence of the Ancients or DotA by IceFrog
The game is basically the same but with updated graphics and
added functionality.
There is a small range of heroes that are unique to HoN and
a range of heroes who are similar to some DotA heroes,
most heroes are ports from DotA.

The game is characterised by its bad community.
Generally players will trash talk another player if he/she
does not play well, rather than offering constructive advice
as to how the person playing poorly could play better.
Players generally do not give praise to those who do play
well either.
It is fair to assume that the players who do this do not
have many (or any) friends IRL and who are
sexually frustrated by the inability to find a girlfriend.
Leaving you with the sad virgin nerd syndrome
Maybe if they learnt to communicate properly online
it may aid their social skills IRL
I'm sure someone who studies Psychology can come up
with a better Psychological Analysis of the problem players though.

Other than that Heroes of Newerth is a pretty decent game.
It's an easy way to kill about an hour due to average
game length + set up time.
Scenario 1:
1: Heroes of Newerth anyone?
3: Yeah
2: Invisible mode!

Scenario 2:
1: Yo, up for HoN?
2: Am a fuck, cba gettin called by the sad cunts cuz am not v. good
1: Just play smth r8 easy like Zephyr
by rzhhhh June 25, 2010
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Heroes of Newerth (HoN) - a standalone game based on Defense of the Ancients.

Otherwise used for experimental ddos attacks.
me: "Hey John, I came up with a new ddos attack technique"
John: "Does it work?"
me: "Don't know, i am testing it on Heroes of Newerth right now"
by vivaspeech May 25, 2011
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A game which was inspired by the custom-game map "Dota" in Warcraft III. A worse game than s2games previous games. Possible worse than World of Warcraft yet people have to decide.
Dude: Heroes of Newerth is boring, it's only dota, dota, dota!
by E-ia June 23, 2009
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