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More properly, "Metric Fucktonne." The Fuckton is the Imperial standard for the measurement of fuckweight, while the Fucktonne, in contrast, constitutes the Metric measure of fuckmass.

Generally used to imply superlative quantity with the Metric standard included to emphasise this point. The inclusion of the term is, however, fundamentally a misuse of that standard, as the Imperial Fuckton (2000 Imperial Fuckpounds) denotes a slightly greater measure of fuckweight within Earth's gravitational pull than does the Metric Fuckton (1000 Metric Fuckilograms).
I've got a Metric Fucktonne of this stuff to finish before Monday, or I'm fucked indeed.
by Yst December 12, 2004
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Term used by American political activist academic Ward Churchill to describe those victims of the September 11th World Trade Center attacks whom he considered to be passively complicit in unethical industrial and political enterprises housed by buildings such as the WTC's. A reference to Nazi bureaucrat Adolf Eichmann and, in particular, to the analysis of his post-war trial, which suggested that rather than participating in the Nazi war machine out of ideological fanaticism, he had participated in its worst atrocities largely out of an uncomplicated and uncritical sense of duty to the organisation. Churchill therefore used the term to imply this idea passive complicity in systemic evil.
Sure, Exxon has a few bigwigs and Ideas Men who know full well what they're destroying at any given point in time, and who they're ripping off along the way, but its the little eichmanns all the way down the corporate foodchain who keep the wheels turning.
by Yst January 2, 2007
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Belongs to a formula, "Ten Kinds of (adj)" which is in wider use. To be ten kinds of awesome is to be emphatically good, just as to be ten kinds of (a negative quality) would be emphatically bad.
by Yst December 29, 2005
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Latin borrowing meaning "in and of itself", used in certain fairly specific, idiomatic contexts in casual English. Is typically used with a negative to indicate that a term being used is understood to be imprecise or off-the-mark (i.e., not accurate 'per se') in a case where the term is nevertheless useful to an explanation. Usually followed by an explanation or justification for the use of the term indicated.

It is as well sometimes used preceding a term indicated, especially in more formal (e.g., legal) usage. In these contexts, usually used in the positive to reinforce a characterisation as fundamentally being the case (i.e., 'per se' accurate).
"It's not that I consider it a 'joke' per se. It's just that I don't think it takes the subject quite seriously enough, under the circumstances."

"Sexual advances toward a minor are without exception per se illegal in this state. This is not open to question or challenge."
by Yst October 29, 2005
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Comically antiquated variation on 'ironic' presently used most often to emphasise the unseriousness of a point. 'Ironical', like many nouns accepting the -ical adjectival suffix (e.g., poetical, hermetical, etc.) fell into disuse in favour of the shorter -ic form (e.g., poetic, hermetic, etc.) in Early Modern English. The anachronistic 'ironical' is therefore most commonly used in current speech to suggest the absurdity of an expression.
Speaker 1: That...that doesn't make much sense.
Speaker 2: Yes, one might even suspect, for example, that I was being ironical!
by Yst June 30, 2006
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A term used to refer to relationships and situations shared by individuals of the same sex, although virtually always used exclusively to refer to relationships between men. The term has no sexual connotations, and so is very much in contrast with "homoerotic" in academic use.
The gymnasium is a traditionally key homosocial environment in western culture.
by Yst March 8, 2005
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Seems to be a Second Generation Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG) phenomenon that only appeared as of the release of the game Dark Age of Camelot. May have originated on that game's "Vault Network" forums (now vnboards.ign.com) but could just as easily have appeared earlier in-game.

Is most often used to mock a notion as being oversimplistic or another individual's actions as having reflected a tendency to take the easy road to a win.
omg zerkers4tehwin!!!111! wtf so uber!!!11!!
by Yst December 15, 2003
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