A very attractive person whom is rare to find. He is a loyal person and acts like a bitch sometimes, but always is kind at the end. If ever seen a Mohammad, be his friend because he's a keeper.
I saw a Mohammad And i fainted because of his beauty.
by Mohammad&Aiden March 14, 2017
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A guy who always gets called for a random security checks in the airport.
john: Oh look that guy got called for a security check.
Dan: he must be an Mohammad.
by SeniorChang May 01, 2014
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Is type of a guy who is moody af. Very well dressed, a true definition of a gentleman, always the one who makes everyone laugh and also a guy with low self esteem. If you found any Mohammad, just keep him .
Oh god, look at that guy. He’s freaking Mohammad!
by Weirdo1998 August 17, 2018
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Is kind of a guy who is moody af. Mostly don’t care at all, very gentleman and have high level of humor and sometimes offensive to strangers. If you found any Mohammad, just keep him .
Omg, look at that guy. He’s freaking Mohammad!
by Weirdo1998 August 17, 2018
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the unusual combination of having sexual intercourse and physically biting deeply into one's partner.

This bizzare and unusual act actually has its origins in the practices of the "prophet" Muhammad, who (legend has it) would viciously "pork" male pigs from behind, while at the same time biting a chunk of pork out of their backs. In this way the marauder Mohammad sated his uncontrollable sexual and blood lusts. The legend of this practice spread like wildfire along with the man's religion.

Modern Mohammading has become much more of a taboo sexual act, and is only done in absolute secrecy, or on Muslim-owned Fetish pornography websites.
I took that fat girl home from the club - it was fun, but Mohammading her was like chewing the fat off a steak.
by Ismail ibn Rahim April 06, 2008
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Born Muhammad ibn Abdullah, he is said to have initially been a merchant who traveled widely.

Muhammad often retreated to the mountains outside Mecca, for prayer and contemplation. Muslims believe that in 610, at about the age of forty, while praying in one of these mountain caves called Hira, he was visited by the Angel Gabriel who commanded him to memorize and recite the verses sent by God. These verses were later collected as part of the Qur'an. Gabriel told him that God (Allah in Arabic) had chosen him as the last prophet to mankind. He eventually expanded his mission as a prophet, publicly preaching a strict monotheism and warning against a Day of Judgement where all humans shall be held responsible for their deeds. He did not completely reject Judaism and Christianity, two other monotheistic faiths known to the Arabs; rather he said that he had been sent by God in order to complete and perfect their teachings.
By the time of Mohammad's death, he had unified Arabia, spread Islam throughout the Arabian Peninsula
by Blitzz February 10, 2006
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