1. Awesome band from New Zealand. The driving force in the band was Neil Finn with some support from his elder brother Tim Finn. The band earned a lot of RESPECT!! from fans all over the world and colleagues in the music business. The band broke up in 1996, but Neil and Tim are still in business with several solo projects and musical collaberation
Don't dream it's over when listening to Weather with you in your Private universe
by Ronny Rotten May 5, 2005
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to take four shits in one day.
Bro, clear the bathroom, I'm about to complete my crowded house.
by theipswichoracle May 8, 2011
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Crowded house. An overated band full of morons and half wits.
by Iam not Elmer Fudd December 24, 2019
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Jake: "That girl was sexy af! Did you have sex with her?"
Ian: "She only wanted anal! Too bad she had hemorrhoids! Was a total Crowded House"
by BettyBigg May 8, 2017
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