One who is a man whore. Usually named Ty. Big flirt. Player. Has a hot back but an ugly heart. Likes to talk to many girls at one time and lie about it. Just a flat out dirt bag.
by Noneyobuisness November 08, 2013
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An overweight redhead that is always bitching about not submitting a new schedule.
1. Yo that hoebag won't get off my nuts about my schedule.
2. That hoebag ate the last doughnut again.
by EDS December 28, 2004
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That bag that you keep in your car with clothes, bathing suits, underwear or shoes cause "you ain't going home"
"Hang on, I gotta get some clothes outta my trunk - where is my hoebag"
by jlh0524 August 04, 2006
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Hoebag : "Hoebag" is a word people say online, its supposed to be a bit "intenet-slang" and a soft way of cursing at someone.
"eww u hoebag, stop begging me for money!"
by Chriz0r August 22, 2008
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