(v.) to hit someone or something with one's dick; equally effective against a gal's cheek or a national monument.

see also, dickslap
that birthday cake was sort of pissing me off, so i hodged the shit out of it. left several mushroom-shaped indentations.
by jimmyweeds May 15, 2004
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v. to slap someone in the face with a penis.
adj. crazy
1) I totally hodged her last nite.
2) That party was hodge.
by Rolls December 6, 2004
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to spill or break a bottle of beer.
to spill any alcoholic beverage.
"Angus knocked over a whole beer, he's such a hodge."
"I got so hammered last night I hodged my beer."
by dobid March 21, 2009
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<hohj> n. - one who relentlessly desires and consumes large quantities of unhealthy food
"Oh my God, you ate that whole pizza by yourself... fucking hodge!"

Brook ate a Grande Meal for breakfast because she's a hodge.
by nu2004 April 15, 2008
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AJ: hey I just got some g rock, but no hodge. You got one?

Gabby: only if you get me high.
by gabrcbr March 13, 2010
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