-n. one who is known for attracting large amounts of females due to smooth talking. -adj. to be smooth when talking with a female.
Man, I wish I could be a hix like John; he's always so good with women.
by JoeyLan10 November 26, 2011
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another word for hicksville. but only kids from hicksville know/use the word.
i pay lax for hix!
by bobbb! February 2, 2009
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1. a person who rages
1. easily angered
2. prone to flying into a rage
God, Greg is such a hix.
by Hix1 May 6, 2010
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1)(noun) HillBilly from the Booniez
2)(noun) Person who loves to buttrape Sheep
3)(noun) Person who loves to get buttrape by sheep
by Anonymous January 22, 2003
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a common high five, with a twist. the ultimate diss. before contact of the two hands there is an announcement of hix five. this can come in many forms
dude i just hix fived the crap out of him
by thehixer April 14, 2009
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