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A person acting sensitive, mad, or butt hurt as if something said applied to them (hit home)

Someone who responds defensively to a general statement, meaning they clearly took it personal
Throw it out there, and a hit dog will holler.

Girls that call the Leykis show tend to be hit dogs because they're always poppin' that "not all women are like that!" sh*t when Tom never said "ALL women."

Old defensive a*s hit dog, I wasn't even talkin' about you in particular, wipe ya mouth!

The right wingers were being hit dogs for Sarah Palin when Obama said "lipstick on a pig."
by Kuahmel January 22, 2009
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Word for excesive excitement.

said with a pillhead accent

Jim just hit a homerun HITDOG!!!

Were havin bacon , HITDOG!!!
by williamsonfisher April 30, 2010
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