A person acting sensitive, mad, or butt hurt as if something said applied to them (hit home)

Someone who responds defensively to a general statement, meaning they clearly took it personal
Throw it out there, and a hit dog will holler.

Girls that call the Leykis show tend to be hit dogs because they're always poppin' that "not all women are like that!" sh*t when Tom never said "ALL women."

Old defensive a*s hit dog, I wasn't even talkin' about you in particular, wipe ya mouth!

The right wingers were being hit dogs for Sarah Palin when Obama said "lipstick on a pig."
by Kuahmel January 22, 2009
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An Offended or Defensive response to a statement suggests that the statement applies to the person complaining.
(Mom) "who ate the last banana?)
(Son) #1 silent

(Son)#2 "not me "

(Mom) A hit dog will holler)
The son that spoke first was guilty.

(Son)#3 silent
by September 30, 2020
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hitting the dog, usually used in games of footy, used if you want to kill the dog (other player)
mate im gonna fucken hit the dog so hard he's gonna lose his testies.
by doghitter9000 March 21, 2018
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A term used in rugby league (footy) where one player smashes the opposition (the dog).
Callum: "Oska hit the dog!"
Oska: "BOOV!"
by bigggcalll March 24, 2018
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exerting a lot of energy while achieving no positive results other then providing great amusement to those around you.
When Fred's girlfriend went into labor, he was still spinning like a hit dog when the ambulance showed up.
by PhillTheFireman January 25, 2008
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usually used in rugby, agressive way of wanting to smash someone
by doghitter9000 March 20, 2018
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Used to describe something that has no value, doesn't taste good, doesn't look good, doesn't work and is inferior.
"Have you heard the new XYZ CD?" Matt asked Janine.
"Yup. Sucks. I wouldn't use it to hit a dog on the ass." Janine replied.
by bingo lingo August 29, 2010
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