Hish is used in order to avoid any rude words, as well as words that a person cannot remember or does not find any suitable word to describe somebodies behaviour, attitude or any process, thing.

Also it can be used to express any kind of emotions.
Particularity used by people who are lazy to think about something new and funny
What the hish!
I am so hishing it.
You are so hishy.
Why are you behaving hish?
Holly hish!
No hish, no party.
Have aaa u, hish?
by hishin August 27, 2010
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a repition of various unrelated nonsence talk of horse manure while attemtping manslaughter to a goat
Yo it be Hish in my house
by The ShiZZeL July 14, 2003
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Approximate estimate of hours.
Ill be there in about (#) hours.
The concert starts in 2 hish.
The Vancouver Canucks charity dinner didn't get fun until 4 hish into the event.
I'm usually operating at my peak when I get 7-8 hish of rest at night.
by Farshad Freddy VANCITY March 24, 2010
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Meaning either her or him in a sentence; when it is not known what sex the person is.
With this idea, what made hish think that it was brilliant in some way?
by Louise cornehls October 13, 2006
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