hijab literally means 'barrier' or 'curtain' in Arabic. It is usually used to refer to an article of clothing called a khimar in Arabic ( and the Quran). Muslim women wear it because in Quran 24:31 it tells them to drape their khimars over their chests (thus creating a "hijab"). Some people who wear hijab only show their feet, face and hands, others show their forearms and feet as well while some others cover from their neck to the middle of their calf. It has been interpreted as a visual representation of modesty (like Muslim men wearing loose clothes and not being allowed to wear gold, silk, transparent or extremely form fitting clothes is), as a representation of Islamic identity, by some a feminist or anti-consumerist statement but most commonly an act of piety. It has also been interpreted as oppressive by neocolonialist bigots who want to 'liberate'

It is an article of clothing that doesn't need to vibe politicized by governements (cough...and so called laïcité...cough) , neocolonialist "feminists" (FEMEN..COUGH), hategroups using articles of clothing to justify unexceptable xenophobic behaviour or crazy extremist loonies. It should not be forced on someone because in Islam nothing counts (even fasting) without niya (intention). It is not be confused with a 'niqab' (face veil) or jilbab (loose garment)

And no men are not allowed to harm women for not wearing it or harm them at all (religiously speaking)
Leia: I like your new hijab its really cute
Somayah: Thanks It's the one Halima Aden wore in that American Eagle Ad
by bilqyce July 29, 2017
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1.An islamically prescribed way of dress in which a woman must cover herself at least from her shoulders to her knees in loose fitting clothing that isn't sheer. At best she covers her body with the exception of her face and hands. The clothing can be as stylish as she wants it to be or as drab and unstylish as she wants it to be. She can wear silk, or any other fabric and follow anystyle as long as it stays within these bounds.

2. Hijab is not meant to oppress a woman but it is meant to protect and distinguish her. By dressing like this she is showing respect for her self and her religion and is given respect.

3. A hijabi woman never looks like a ho or a prostitute, because she is covering what aught to be private.

4) Some women refer to her head covering alone, or khimar as hijab.

5) The islamic dress code for muslim women.

6) The way most self respecting women dress.
"Which hijab do you think I should wear today, the beaded or the plain, striped or embroidered?"

"Nzinga stays wearin flyy hijab to the mosque. Damn! She looks so nice that augta be haram." (But it ain't!)
by Nzinga K October 9, 2006
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Hijab is a form of dress that is often observed by female followers of Islam

To observe Hijab is thought by many to mean the covering of the whole female body, but traditionaly, it is believed to be acceptable for the hands and face to be shown.
My Muslim husband asked me to please observe Hijab, and I told him that I would feel perfectly comfortable to do so.
by Jessica T July 25, 2005
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Hijab is just a piece of cloth but to most women like me it's a beautiful headscarf that covers a womens body (not only there hair) and that shows modesty and lets other people judge
her by her personality, honesty, kindness,and smarts.Something that all women can wear. You do not have to be Muslim to wear the hijab although most women who are Muslim do wear the hijab.
And that is what i believe is the hijab.
Jessica: Wow Fatma you have a very beautiful hijab on today.

Fatma: Thank you Jessica
by Fatimina I. March 22, 2008
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ok, so it covers outer beauty- but it brings out true inner beauty.

i love my hijab

like it or lump it

person1: I <3 my hijab.
person2: Same. check out my inner beauty.
by I'mAFacebookAddict April 20, 2009
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Muslim headwear, to cover their body up. Used as a sign of modesty. Not all Muslims choose to, especially those from more modern Islamic countries (i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.) or in Western countries (US, Canada, etc.)
p1: Your hijab is rockin'.

p2: Thanks, I got it at my favorite store. I thought you were Muslim; where's yours?

p1: I choose not to wear it.

p2: Okay, cool.
by granadamazing January 2, 2009
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a object that oppresses many women around the world
AYY get yo hijab bak on before i kut ur head of!
by uynhserWFRUQhvbfyaiphjfa June 1, 2017
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