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Halima is the most kindest, generous and smartest girl in the world. She’s probably from South Asia, for example Pakistan or Arabia. But she is the one friend that calms you down, she’s a chill girl and you just love her ! Halima is also cool in her own way, she doesn’t care of what other people says or anything! She’s a strong woman and might seem boring, but when you really get to meet her, she’s funny, awesome and creative! You really wish you had this friend, and don’t forget... she will always be their for you when you need her!
Halima is just lovely!
by Madeleine.1234 October 09, 2018
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A kind,generous and beautiful Arabian princess. Mad-chill, calm and amazing. A girl who can show you a good time and a time to remember. amazingly amazing, cool and sexy as hell.
When Halima walked into the room, every guys mouth dropped.
by Annabellehilliker July 27, 2018
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Halima is a girl who is amazing and funny. She is probably from Somalia or other places in Africa}. She is really cool and everybody loves her. She is generous and loves her friends and family. She doesn't care what anyone else thinks about her and she always speaks her mind. You are really lucky to be friends with a Halima.
Halima is so nice and calm.

Halima is so generous and she is the best.
by H4li March 19, 2019
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Amazing person! Very energetic and kind, you will absolutely fall in love with her the first time you see her. She is very generous & sensitive about her friends and family. You will not regret to date or be friends with her.
Ayshan,Sevda,Malak and Halima Benjamin Felix Are BFFS!

From boys:
Benjamin and Felix are BFFS!
by Unknown_011 January 28, 2019
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an uber-cool girl who is possibly north african, middle eastern or south asian. mad-chill, calm, real and amazing. a girl with a zest for life and others. she brings life to the party. sharp, beautiful, and musical. a picture of grace. dares to dream - creative visionary. has moxy.
Halima was a princess of the Ghassanids, and a daughter of King al-Harit. In 529 CE she led a battle against the Labmidians, who had sacrificed her brother to their goddess.

"Women in Power 500-750" at
by Goes out in style February 05, 2010
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The greatest friend ever. shes sweet but doesn't care about anyone’s opinion .She Stays true to her self which is one of her best characteristics. Though her life is chaotic she manages it.She loves her closest friends like family and would die for them.She has a crazy dog obsession . Having a Halima in your life will change you forever.Oh yeah and she laughs way too loud.
Guy 1: who’s your crush?

Guy 2: halima, she’s so cute and sweet.
by Its_ya_girlpatty2thiccc2fasttt December 14, 2019
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