Her brown eyes will make you fall in love with her every time you see her beautiful face. When she actually loves someone she’ll backstab everyone for that one person she loves. She is so pretty and her smile is very cute. All teachers will like her for no vivid reason. A troublemaker but barely gets caught.

Fatma is a good secret keeper.

She loves spending time with people she loves.

She’s sensitive but never admits

Her hugs are the best

One last thing she is so white hearted.
Fatma is pretty
by John_m12 November 29, 2019
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Fatma is a girl with big bright brown eyes and beautiful lashes, and the perfect teeth, this girl is beautiful inside and out. Fatma is a very loyal friend, and gets jealous if her best friend has other friends. She is sweet, kind, and can sometimes be anti-social.
by Pink zebra February 2, 2020
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Fatma is a very beautiful girl who has a very good character everyone likes to have contact with her.
Fatma is a very beautiful girl who has a very good character everyone likes to have contact with her.
by Fatoume January 2, 2017
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Someone really cute and cheerful but she can be annoying, she’s a pain in the ass.
Don’t worry everyone needs a Fatma because
1-she’s cute just like a mad puppy
2-She’s fun to be with
3-she never tells a secret or a rumor
4-she’s loving
Tip:never ever touch , kiss or hug her she’ll kill you
(I compare her to katsuki bakugo)
Fatma: hey.. it’s fine don’t worry
Fatma: I’ll keep you safe child
Fatma: I promise you I’ll never leave
by IloveTodorokiKun May 23, 2019
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She is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She has these brown beautiful eyes that will make you fall in love with her. She is funny and very kind. She will always stand up for you no matter what. She is always happy even though she is not. Her past relationship has not been the greatest but she will soon find the one. She will be back with an A or an S.
Boy 1: Fatma is so beautiful
Boy 2: I know, she is so kind to

I wish i had a Fatma in my life. She is just amazing!
by anonymous_81 January 30, 2022
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A girl who has a cute face and voice. She may not look like it but she's a gamer. She can be crazy at times...well actually...all the time. Loves piggy back rides. Has a crush on someone who's name starts with an A. First impression: Innocent. Never gets in trouble. Teacher's pet. Can be thick and dumb at times. But can be epicly smart when needed.
Fatma is so uncool but awesome.
by CaptainTeaTime April 29, 2011
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Fatma is very organized. She is so clean as well mostly diagnosed with OCD

She has a crush on someone beginning with A &R
She has only a bit of friends only bc she chooses to, she keeps that one friend and cherish them hoping to keep them.

Usually having dreams of a pedestrian or doctor or nurse.
She is quite stubborn and tells the truth.
She has a beautiful smile as well as long beautiful curly hair.
She is honest and sticks up for herself and people she loves!
Sister/brother- dang she is quite the stubborn type!!
Fatma-Don’t say that about me !!
by Darlaaa April 4, 2019
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