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They date each other, hang out with each other. Sometimes cheerleader girls will hang out with girls who play other sports, like volleyball, gymnastics, or track. But jocks very rarely expand their social circles.

Music Kids
They're "hipsters" who play in the band or sing in the chorus or both, and take music very seriously. They take extra music classes, do the play and musical, and only hang out with each other.

They generally hang out in some remote area of the parking lot before, after, and during school. They don't do much.

These are the girls that crave attention, usually in the form of male Facebook likes, and then complain about creepers on their bikini/cleavage shot.

They are generally black or Hispanic. They talk loud, wear clothing that is much too tight, act uneducated, and Typee Lykee Diss .

Excellent grades, athletic, ambitious. They are the ones who came to public school after a private Catholic school. They make friends with the popular kids.

Not necessarily smart, these kids love hanging out in their rooms with a video game. Sometimes they get good grades, but not always.

They hate the mainstream, just like music kids, but goths hate music kids too because they just hate everyone. They stay below the radar and sit in the corner.

They don't have any friends. They are often used by others for a quick laugh. They are bitter wallflowers. They either look down on others or are afraid of others.
Cheerleader: Hey, look at that weird loner kid.
Jock: OMG what if he shoots us all. Man, that would suck.
Prep: He gets all D-'s!
Music Kid: He doesn't even take band...his situation is dire.
Nerd: I won't even talk to him. He's at the bottom of the high school hierarchy.
Goth: Me, either.
Ghetto: Girl you know I ain't touchin that nutcase.
Slut: I'd fuck him if he would just like my profile picture already.
Skater: Dude, lay off him. He just needs a good batch and he'll be all set.
by unseen observer August 21, 2012
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