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A high school in Carmel, New York known for the absolute lack of respect of authority and over use of E.N.D.S products. The boys bathrooms are usually places for pissing on the floor, juuling, and sucking a football coach's dick. Although they do have a bad reputation, their proms are considered one of the best in the Hudson Vally area.
boy 1- I got to Carmel High School.
boy 2- Who is your dealer?
by autoresponder December 16, 2017
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A school made for Chinese and Indian kids to become smart asses, white kids to show off their parents money while driving in beemers and Cadillacs listening to weezy, and black kids to win state titles for the white kids.
One of the biggest schools in indiana with numerous state athletic titles and locker rooms known for numerous sexual assault cases and rich bitches who get away with it.
At a carmel basketball fame

Person 1: You see that douche #3 from Carmel High school over there
Person 2: yeah
1: Well he's probably raped five guys listens to weezy in his bmw and lives in a multi million dollar home all while being one of the biggest douches ever
by Hse stud May 19, 2013
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A school where the adults think that they're so highly regarded that they call police on students who spill peanut butter.
I'm not kidding, this happened, they got suspended and have a court date for spilling peanut butter, that's Carmel High School for you!
by Donkey donks November 04, 2014
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The best high school in the state of Indiana, and arguably in the nation. Located just north of Indianapolis, this large suburban school with over 4000 students offers something for everyone. There are many challenging AP courses as well as classes ranging from Industrial Technology to Statistics and everything in between. The performing arts are unbeatable and top notch, as are the athletics. The student government is also superb, and Carmel High School gives more back to the community than any business or school around. You won't find a school with more fame and pride, and all with just cause. People often talk down upon Carmel, calling the students "rich" or "snobby" Those people are dumb asses, and are just jealous of everything Carmel has that their school doesn't. It's great to be a Greyhound!
- If you had to pick the best school ever, what would it be?
- Carmel High School, duh!
by carmellover2993 July 06, 2009
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