5 definitions by michele is cool

1. the lead singer of pop-punk-ish (more pop than punk) band Fall Out Boy.
2. EXTREAMLY attractive
3. Has one of the best damn voices i have ever heard.
4. Once and for all, Fall Out Boy is NOT emo, i repeat not emo, they may follow emo fashion trends but they are not an emo band.
I personally like Patrick stump better on take this to your grave, that record relates more to me, being a teenager. Pete is 26, just shy of 11 years my senior, so yeh it speaks more to me, patrick is only 22 so you never know...
by michele is cool May 25, 2006
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Sarah Faraji, Sean, FOB, and relient k are all fo shizzle
by michele is cool June 28, 2006
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short for hard corps, referring to Drum corps (DCI or drum corps international). The best damn sport in the world.
DCI is the best damn sport in the world. it is hxc to the max.
by michele is cool July 30, 2006
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