Guy 1: hey bro you heard about the new shit coronavirus rules?
Guy 2: Nah man I've just been hibing in my house yk what I mean
by Sam#hibing January 14, 2021
One who demonstrates an abundence of class, flair and skill.
That Tiger Woods/Mohammed Ali/Michael Jordon/Maradona is an absolute genius. The guy is a Hibee.
by Shaun November 23, 2003
A soap dodging schemey numpty from Leith
who also supports the scum
Person 1: WWWWWWaaaaaahhhh hhhhheeeyyyy we've beat the Hibee scum again!
Hibee: Och come on mate, go stop taking the piss and geeze a few quid so ah can buy some scag
by Paul McGregor August 13, 2004
a homosexual person who sometimes likes football
"oh the hibees are gay ay"

girl "hi can i get your number"
boy "no sorry im a hibee"

"im hibee and proud"

by johnnnnnnnnny October 9, 2006
Disillusioned follower of a gay edinburgh football club; a club who seem single-minded in their quest to convince the world that they provide (and have ALWAYS provided since day one) their brain-washed followers with a slick, silky-smooth brand of football that is a joy to behold.
Invariably when this doesn't happen, they erase this memory from their brain by injecting copious amounts of smack.
ooo-ooh the hibees are gay-ay!
by bongostani December 7, 2006
originating from "hobo vibe", the art of doing hobo things in stealth. this can include, but is not limited to nightly walks, hacky sack circles, swinging on chain barriers, smoking weed around trees, writing on buildings in chalk and other qualifying shenanigans.
"We met lots of interesting people when we vobo hibed last night"
by da_empire February 16, 2012