- person whose only goal in life is to rock out with his cock out. also known for quoting beavis and butthead and dressing like them. can be spotted in grade school playgrounds in the evening showing 8 yr olds how to olly and smoke their daddies cigarettes
by dave January 18, 2005
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he who views AC/DC, Metallica, and Jackyll as the best bands around ten years after the fact of the bands true days of popularity. may be described in terms of male/female versions, each with distinct characteristics of both mullet and music.
female hesher loves 80's bands defined by long hair, throbbing pelvic moves, and glamour facepaint. also sports female mullet, long hair with straight chopped bangs sometimes teased to perfection.

male has standard issue mullet and exclaims how lame today's music is while driving away in his '85 Z-28 with G'n'R cranking
Sweet Child O' Mine.
by Joelcandooit007 March 28, 2004
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A washed up,greasy,skinny longhair. Known back in the 80's for chronic bike thievery, the stolen ten speed would be altered so the handle bars would sit upside down. Generally homophobic but are usually prone to turgid dick toking sessions on the sly.

The king of all heshers is the singer from "desensitized", a tired, shitty band of old washed up Victoria, BC heshers
Man, that hesher just rode up on my neigbor's bike and tried to sell me a chunk of black bubble gum. He called it "hosh".
by hater of heshers July 13, 2004
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Hesher usually describes a certain kind of skater, e.g. TNT(Tony Trujillo) or Jim Greco. A hesher wears tight, worn out clothes and acts tough. Most pro skaters that are heshers acutally kick ass, but i hate poser kids who think they are the shit. Oh well, you got your definition, now go shred!!
Corey Duffel is a hesher.
by Black Jack April 11, 2004
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1: (n.) A person infatuated with the heavy metal culture of America in the 1980s. Such individuals almost exclusively drop out of high school to join a pathetic cover band, wear Metallica T-shirts and leather pants, and are often found living at rock concerts or in their parents' basements. The only profession in which heshers are qualified to work is as waitstaff at a Hard Rock Cafe. Ironically, though many heshers are not old enough to have experienced the 1980s, they still collect obsolete vinyl records and have the terrible misconception that Motley Crue is still a popular band. The definition of hesher may partially coincide with the definitions of goth or baker. Etymology: derived from 'Hessian', referring to masculine Germanic mercenaries from Hesse. (These mercenaries were actually chill, unlike heshers, who likely were not even popular during the 1980s.)

2: (adj.) Of or relating to heshers or hesher culture. Also 'hessian'. (cf. the related concept 'emo'.)
Chill your tits! Just offer the heshers free beer to calm them down, then call animal control.

Holy crap, does that retarded 17-year-old who smells like cheap ganja actually have a blue mohawk, black skinny jeans, and a Kiss T-shirt? He's totals hesher!

Bro, if you keep going to Black Sabbath concerts, you might go hesher on me.
by chillr October 11, 2013
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Adult BMX Rider, Specializing in fixing Cars, sittin on the couch or in his special dope den Custom built for hesher partaking, he has been smoking weed since the 70's and follows all rock music from classic rock to the 90's. As he's grown to be an older hesher, country music is his closet music choice. He hates illegals, cooking his food and most of the time high and agitated..
Hey that hesher got lost on the way to the track, we'll have to do it another time.. let's get high..
by HG Hesher November 07, 2010
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1. See also Butt Rocker.

2. Any form of rock music and / or listener, sporting a mullet, eye makeup, hairspray, tight acid washed jeans and hi-top Reeboks.

3. A stringed / percussion band with a soprano vocalist fitting the above description. These musicians (and followers) usually look and sound more like women than men. (Examples: Poison, Winger, Great White etc.). These hesher bands usually have large followings of people in white trash neighborhoods. Common physical signs are their lack of teeth, due to a regular diet of crank tiners.
Silly hesher, teef are for rich people!
by Matt Hoyt February 18, 2004
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