A band of douchebag-like musicians usually in the 30's to 60's in age. The members play the most expensive gear available, believing they will achieve ultimate tone and resonance from their selected instruments. Their girlfriends and/or wives have permed hair. Sometimes females take part in cover bands, always as the singer. They wear extravagant costumes and have 80's inspired hair-dos. There is usually hope of being discovered by singing the hits during a residence at a nightclub, blowling alley or wedding. Members of cover bands usually have more attitude than talent, but they would lead you to believe otherwise.
Dude, I hate cover bands!
That guy is a total douchebag.
by Ian C. September 12, 2005
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a band that does not approach a tune or tunes from a different angle...basically just dusts it off, polishes it up and regurgitates - no that this is a bad thing, it just singles a certain level of talent...
phish is not a cover band
by johnny smokes March 27, 2003
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